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Our flyers are large enough to catch the eye, and yet small enough to fold up and stick into a pocket or purse for customers on the go.


Our printing service has created countless stunning flyers, in the form of party flyers, event flyers, and flyers that double as coupons to encourage new customers to visit your shop or restaurant.


Our full color, 14-pt cardstock, flyers make our customers happy every time. In addition to our flyers, we offer 1/8 page flyers when you’re looking for a smaller format, and half page flyers that can double as small posters. The advantage of the flyer format, though, is not just its ideal size but its unique shape as well. 


MajorGrafix top-quality gang-run printing service uses only the best inks and the brightest white cardstock, with your choice of a glossy UV or matte finish, guaranteeing your finished flyers will have a great visual impact.


 Our 13x19 posters offer just enough space to showcase your graphics and pertinent information for your event. MajorGrafix is proud to offer our 13x19 posters with the fastest turnaround times on the market. Thanks to the volume of business we do, we’re able to offer custom printed products like our 13x19 posters, plus brochures, rack cards, flyers, magnets, and postcards, printed with the highest quality inks and cardstocks, at prices below our competitors. Our 13x19 posters are a perfect example of a custom product that was once only affordable for movie studios or corporations with large expendable incomes. Thanks to our efficient use of new printing technology and our streamlined online ordering system, our 13x19 posters now fit easily into any budget. Cheaper than large posters and more visible than postcards, 13x19 posters offer the perfect
combination of low-cost and high impact. Choose our 13x19 posters as your preferred method of plastering your marketing message all over the walls (because graffiti is illegal).


Shipping time is 1 to 3 business days. We ship via:

  • United States Postal Service

  • Federal Express


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